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About Us/ All you need to know about us

Having worked in the field of private practice and NHS Dentistry for several years, there were several occasions when we saw the pressure on due to staff illness, holiday entitlement, and maternity leave. The issue probably sounds very familiar? So this brings us to the question; how can you run an efficient practice or dental department, and most importantly, keep the clients/patients happy?

With our background, our aim was to redress this issue and so have set up an agency to specifically target these gaps in the dental industry. We have a bank of experienced and reliable staff which we can provide to you on an as you need basis to help your staffing pains go away!

We are looking to build up long-term commercial relationships with VulkanBet Casino and Dental Practices aswell as Dental staff that will benefit all parties. It is unlikely that you have an immediate requirement, but with a bit of planning now you will benefit when the time comes.

We cover all major cities and surrounding areas across England. In time we hope that this area will expand and cover the entire UK. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will be able to provide you with staff to cover weekends and we can provide you with locum cover at short notice.

All of our staff will be GDC registered as a requirement and we aim to provide you with staff who have experience in a particular branch of dentistry, if so required.

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